Fernando Berdegue

Mr. Berdegué is a Mazatlán-based entrepreneur with a BA Degree in Financial Management from Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey and a Masters Degree in International Management from Instituto de Empresas Business School in Madrid, Spain. He holds a degree in Finance with a specialization in corporate law (ITESM), and a Masters in Management (IE Business School), and holds certificates in mining studies (UBC) and advanced corporate finance (LSE). He is a Founding Partner and CEO of Durango Gold Corp., a private US-based mining exploration company with a strong focus on ESG, and was a Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor to Tonogold Resources, Inc. until 2020, which consolidated the historic Comstock Lode in Nevada and where he proposed an innovative multidisciplinary approach for exploration. He brings to the Company a diverse range of education, experiences, and interests including law and humanities, environment, sustainability, governance, venture capital, and responsible mining, including  extensive experience in Mexican business as a Member of the Advisory Board of the family business, El Cid Mega Resorts (CIDMEGA.MX).

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